Weekly News Sheet

   News from the churches of

           St Peter & Paul, Fenstanton, and 
                     St Mary, Fen Drayton

         29th March 2020

   Lent 5    Passion Sunday



Fen Drayton

All services suspended till further notice.
All services suspended till further notice.

Staying Connected

your new weekly newsletter from the parish


Rev Rosie writes: “Hello, how are you doing? Welcome to our second newsletter so that we can “Stay Connected” with one another. Greetings to you all, from Vic and I. Now I am wondering if that should be Vic and me [P], or even Vic and myself … oh the dilemma, which will have sent out an alert to the grammar police. [Too right – Ed.]

Reminders and news for this week:

  • Don’t forget to let us know if you are receiving this more than once so we can put together one list.
  • It’s Palm Sunday next Sunday, so in preparation you will need to find something in your home or garden so you can make your own Palm Sunday cross. More about that in next Sunday’s service order. We will be unable to provide you with our usual palm crosses until we gather again.
  • Don’t forget the clocks went back early this morning, that is providing you know which day of the week we are on. Today should be Sunday 29th March 2020, unless you are reading this on another day, of course. Confused yet? Did you face the biannual debate of deciding whether your clocks and timers automatically change or not?
  • Don’t forget to email Ian M with any of your news      ian@fenstanton.net

Sadly, since last week, following the guidance issued, the Archbishops and then Bishop Dagmar wrote to all clergy advising them to shut our churches with immediate effect. As you can imagine, this decision was not taken lightly. You may have read conflicting information on social media and in news reports but please note we are adhering to the instructions from our Bishop, +Dagmar. Please do pray for her at this very difficult time.

But the good news is that we are finding lots of ways to keep you in touch with faith and each other! The churches are not open, but we are still praying and caring.

Our order of service for this Sunday is being emailed round and printed off as necessary. Do let us know if you would like to receive it, if you don’t already.

You may like to know that +Dagmar has recorded a short reflection for this Sunday’s Gospel reading. You can find it on Facebook, Diocese of Ely.

Parish Pastoral Care

We want to endeavour to make sure that no-one feels isolated because nobody has been in touch. It’s something we can all be part of, even if we are isolating ourselves or our households. We have been busy this week, putting together a list of people who we think would like to be included for a weekly phone call or text message. If you haven’t been contacted by someone from either St Mary’s Church or St Peter & St Paul’s Church by Monday 6th April, to see how you are, or to ask if you would like a weekly call or message, then PLEASE get in touch so we can arrange this. We do not necessarily have up-to-date contact details for everyone we know.

Likewise, if you would like to be a Caller and have a few people to phone, then please let Rev Rosie or Katie know. (Rev Rosie 01480 467393 or Katie 01480 465211)

It is going to take a while to compose the list – and please be assured that we don’t want anyone to feel left out!

Responses to Mothering Sunday services, flowers and weekly newsletter.

Thank you for all your responses sent in, phone calls made etc. Our posies of flowers, service order and weekly sheet were a team effort. Well done one and all.

Lots of pictures went on Facebook, with permission, of course, including Felix the cat.

Here are some of your comments:

From RR:

What a wonderful effort of everybody to put this newsletter together. Quite a surprise and much appreciated.

From C:

Thank you, ladies, for providing such beautiful posies. I asked G to pop across and collect two – one for my Mum and one for her neighbour. He in fact collected three and gave one to me, which I wasn’t expecting!

The service sheets were also lovely: we sat in Mum’s garden with a large distance between us all, read through the service together and had a moment for our own prayers and reflection. It was a strange moment and one we may not get a chance to do again for a long time, as I fear a lockdown may be upon us sooner than I think.

From A:

Thank you for such a well-thought-out service, which I will refer to during the week to reflect on further. Afterwards, as I was drinking my coffee, I thought about certain people as if I was talking to them in church. I plan to do this each morning when having my coffee ,thinking specially of just one or two people, so gradually praying for everyone.

From K:

The words that struck me most, which is my prayer for these coming weeks, came from the song Let there be love shared among us, which are ‘May now your love sweep this nation’ which we all need as we live differently, and to help us think of others. 

From IB:

‘Breathe in the love of God.               Breathe out the fear.’

Intercessions:  If you were on our rota for leading prayers during Sunday services, then would you be happy to write your prayers as per the rota and email them to Rev Rosie for inclusion in our weekly service order?

St Ives Foodbank: Rev Rosie and Philip Blunt are currently working with our local foodbank and the parish council to help set up support more locally, given our current situation with the coronavirus. If you can support the foodbank with a financial donation then here are online donation details: Account name St Ives Foodbank; sort code: 20-43-63; and account number 13183149. Thank you.

But not everyone needs financial help: some people need support in other ways. Do get in touch if you know of someone who needs help with shopping as well as struggling financially to feed themselves or their family. We are able to co-ordinate help, and this will be dealt with carefully and with sensitivity.

Lent lunch: Katie writes: “We had planned to hold our church family Lent Lunch today, the first event in aid of our charity for 2020, the Mission to Seafarers. Whilst our fundraising has to be put on hold, the soup doesn’t! So if (and only if, DON’T go shopping specially) you have soup at home in the cupboard, or the ingredients to make some or can find some in the freezer, why not have soup for lunch at home – just a small way we can still act together even though we are apart. I wonder what will be the most popular choice … tomato? leek and potato? Surely not the cream of lettuce?! Bon appetit!”

For our prayers this week:

Please pray for Steve Banks, 22-year-old Matt, who has terminal cancer, Charlie Jenner, Bishop Stephen, Jackie Tevlin, Ian and Bron Taylor, Roger Robinson, Jackie Few, Mark Richardson, RLB, and Ben.

Updated RIP – Please pray for those who have recently passed away, remembering particularly Rhona Baker and Margaret Archer, for their families and friends too, particularly as funeral services are being held with different arrangements. We are offering to organise Thanksgiving services in our churches, at a later date, if the family would like that. Also for Jim Buchanan, who died last week aged 67 and whose funeral will take place at Cambridge Crematorium on Friday, but attendance will be restricted to close family; and for his widow, Liz, and family.

We think this week of the residents of High Street, in Fenstanton, and Larke Cottages, in Fen Drayton.

Telemessage time:

If you’re at a loose end while isolating yourself: Caroline Stevens’s friend, who is taking an International Baccalaureate course, would welcome your help. “In my Anthropology class, I am doing a study into the concept of church and how this has been embedded in our culture. In order to collect data, I have made a survey (see https://forms.gle/thW3gLnSDJjxKzDr9) and would be very grateful if you could fill it in. Closing date: 30th March 2020.” [That’s tomorrow, of course.] Caroline urges responses from all age groups.

Parish giving: People who usually support the parish through the collection plate or envelope scheme are invited to put their contributions through the letter box at the Vicarage in Fenstanton or, in Fen Drayton, at Phil Christie’s home, Teal Cottage, in Horse and Gate Street, next to the Three Tuns.

With assurance of our prayers at this time

Don’t forget to Stay Connected – this is your space too [up to a point – Ed.]

Rev Rosie Tallowin with additional help from Ian MacKellar, who has an abundance of words just waiting for us each week [not quite sure what to make of that – Ed]